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So I set my alarms and get up like usual


Exactly. I love being there more than anything else. Kurt Hummel is finally getting where he’s been destined to go and I’m very excited to see how this turns out.


That’s great, Adam! You’ll have to tell me when the show goes up, I’d love to see all of it. And, of course, I’m glad your arm is feeling better.

Yay!! I’m so so happy for you, it’s always awesome hear good news from my friends, just made my day.

We are filming now, and this season will be airing in January. Thank you :)


Oliver Kieran-Jones in Episodes Season 3 Episode 9

So I set my alarms and get up like usual


Hey, Adam! I haven’t seen anyone in forever, I’m so glad to be back!


I’ve been fine, just been working overtime and doing what I can. I want to make a name for myself at work so I’ve been working almost 24/7 it seems. I love it, though. What about you? How have you been?

That’s superb! Even if it’s exhausting is always great doing what you love! I’m really happy for you, Kurt Hummel is going places hehe

I’m good! Just filming for the tv show, Episodes, and doing auditions here and there, everything is going well, and my arm is better now so… good! :)

So I set my alarms and get up like usual


Only to remember it’s a freaking holiday so I have nothing planned today. So welcome to early morning Kurt catching up on your dashes. This will be fun.


Hey, Kurt!

How is everything going? Long time without seeing you around!





Can we talk about how Hairspray is a story where a not-conventionally-attractive girl gets the hot guy in the end without having to Become “Pretty.” Because we need more stories like that.

It’s also story about breaking down the barriers of racism which we also need more of.

And it’s about nice hair and cheesy dance moves, more things we need more of

It’s a movie where John Travolta plays a chic, which we need more of

They say love is blind; but believe me, love is insane —"Who is Crazy/ My Physcopharmacologist and I" from Next to Normal (via muchadoaboutbroadway)


A lovely solo performance of No One is Alone from Into the Woods, performed by Chip Zien, Broadway’s original Baker. This particular performance is from the Wall to Wall Stephen Sondheim marathon concert that occurred on March 19, 2005. Going into my second production of this show and with the impending film adaptation, this song (and role) has been on the mind a lot lately, and this particularly unique rendition is one of the nicest ones out there. And is that audience participation I hear? Pull out your handkerchiefs. 


Coop is far away, Marley is busy and Kurt’s always working, my dad’s a work-a-holic and my mom keeps trying to make me wear flannel.  I know they care, but sometimes I feel lonely.  

He’s a special guy and he’ll be back in your arms before you even know it!  Just have to keep doing what you can to stay close, call, text, skype whatever.  Tell him I said hi, when you talk to him next? 

Next time you feel that way, you can come here and I can try to make you feel better, we can watch a movie or I can teach you to cook something, I know you aren’t very good at that haha or just simply talk, that’d be nice, whatever you want :)

And I will never let him go out of my arms ever again haha jkjk  Of course, I’ll tell him. I think he was going to call me tonight, but sometimes his schedule change so maybe he is tired, idk for sure, anyway, next time I talk to him I’ll tell him you said hi :)


No, I get why you want to have a job and why you had so many. But, like, I still don’t understand why you’re trying to get a job at a bakery which would take more time out of your schedule? Waiting probably didn’t pay well, but you probably had a more flexible schedule whereas working at a bakery would have a more fixed schedule and would cut into the time you would need for your auditions and such?

Oh, cool. So they’re going to put you on the DVD case? They must really like your character :)

I know you are right hehe but I get too excited about things, I guess I’ll see if I can get back one of my old jobs…

Yes! I little tiny bit picture of me will be on the DVD case, and I think I also will appear on the menu. I hope so! haha

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